Seattle Street Fashion Vs. New York Street Fashion

I was in New York visiting my sister for her graduation…

This was a little while ago when I was working on a project called “Seattle Street Fashion”. Seattle Street Fashion documented peoples in Seattle’s individual fashion statements. I was running the website for it and I thought it would be a good idea to do the same thing in New York, one of the meccas of high fashion and overall fashion sense. My idea was that I would then post New York individuals next to Seattle individuals to see the comparisons.

It worked out…


In New York while running around with my sister I was talking pictures of everybody, it was great because everyone loved having their picture taken. In Seattle there is a little higher percentage of people who are suspicious about being photographed. I understand people hesitation but New York was a street photographers paradise. The weekend was great. We ate empanadas in Brooklyn and I took pictures all day. Of course my sister graduated too, that was cool.

Ill take the chance here I have to chance to show the some Seattle vs. New York style.

New York is on the left, Seattle on the right

And then the shot I’m most happy with… these are two models I found in a dressing room trailer in Chelsea before they were headed to go do a shoot. I had good luck that day.

new york street fashion photography

Primo… Exquisite.

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