Stopping Today at the Beautiful Lake Quinault

Earlier today driving on the 101 freeway on the Olympic Penninsula my group and I had the opportunity to drive through the Quinault rainforest. We made a stop at Quinault lake before doing a loop and through and forest and a short hike through a part of it. 

A little light peering through some downed trees

Quinault is a name from an indian tribe that lives in the valley. I found out on this trip however that recentley they’re having to relocate because of rising tides. 

On our trip we also stopped at Lake Quinault and accessed it through the localy famous Quinault Lodge. The experience at the lodge felt like a snapshot of an era of time maybe from the early 1900s. There was a large grass field and a place to play horseshoe. Also there was patio dining next to the field and lake which felt like it was right out of “The Sound of Music” or another classic movie.

They use this pseudo totem pole as a rain gauge
Lake Quinault

Pictured above is a rain gauge. The rain forest gets around 12 feet of rain the area we were. A foot a month! We got lucky though because it has been sunny the past three days we’ve been in the rainforest.

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