Finding The Secret Garden Of Pike Place Market

The Hidden Garden Of Pike Place

In Seattle’s famous market behind people shouting to each other at the shops and fish being thrown between fishermen there is a hidden garden, quiet and secluded. The serene garden is above the tops of the waterfront’s buildings and gives a beautiful view of the cascades, the sound and of course the ferris wheel. I’m here to tell you how to get there if you’re visiting. Or if you’re a local and haven’t found it.

Here are the four pictures that will get you there…

Finding it…

At the end of the market near the corner of 1st and Pike there is a famous fish stand where the men working there throw the fish to each other and call out loudly. If you can’t hear them from a mile away find the gold pig statue and you will be facing it.

Facing Pike Place Fish Co. in the same way as the picture take a left towards Market Spice. Then, facing Market Spice, take a right towards the neon arrows. Follow the arrows and at your first opportunity to take a left, take a left. Walk down the hallway and out of the double doors and you will be in the garden. You can find more pictures than the ones here right here.

Some Pictures.

hidden garden travel pike place discoveries adventure seattlehidden garden travel pike place discoveries adventure seattle

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