Photographing Strangers in Big Cities Pt.1

Awhile ago I watched “On The Street With Bill Cunningham” and it inspired me to start taking pictures of people on the street that were interesting to me. I would photograph them because of what they were wearing, their character that could translate through a picture or where they were if it made for an interesting story.

Here are a few which remember the stories around taking them…

pro tip photographing strangers New York street fashion style

I remember walking across the street hurriedly in New York going somewhere on my trip there and the turning and seeing this beautiful collection of accessories and clothes on this woman. I had turn run a little to catch up her and I remember that she was unusually excited about getting her picture taken. Her attitude was lovely and it was refreshing to have someone sooo excited about what I was doing.

The woman on the left I took a picture of in front of Julliard in New York during my sisters graduation. By the looks of it she’s probably writing a blog too maybe on contemporary art and fashion. It would make sense too given that this was also by an art museum. I was drawn to the high fashion-esque pants (or maybe they are a high fashion piece) contrasting with the “I love NY” purse. She was also excited to get her picture taken as you can see by her smile and was a welcoming subject.

The man to the left had a very fun attitude. I photographed him on the Chelsea High Line in New York. He was with friends and when I asked him initially if I could take his photo he acted reluctant, I could tell though that he was excited. His friends egged him on and he agreed to it after minor pushback. The whole time though he was pouting about being asked in a light way. His friends kept telling him to be quiet and let me take the picture. This one was a lively experience.


Finally this guy was very fun to photograph. He came into the store and saw I had a camera. I don’t know how he knew but he told me to take a picture of him. I didn’t have to ask. He was moving so quickly I didn’t have as much time to take the shot so it came out a little blurry but his attitude shines through in this photo. He said he was a famous rapper and that I needed to look him up. Unfortunately I forgot to write it down, there was a lot going on, and I didn’t look it up right then. What I like about this is the bright color in the picture that definitely matched his personality.


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