Go Fish! In The Channel Islands

I remember getting sea sick at first. I took a bunch of Dramamine before I got onto the boat and I still got sick. I tell myself it was because we left in the early early morning when it was still dark not because I don’t have sea legs. Since we left so early I had no idea how beautiful and how exciting the trip out to the Channel Islands would be and how lucky I was that I would get to be there and fish there.

The Channel Islands are in California west of Oxnard northwest from Los Angeles. They are a large sets of islands, one big one and many little ones. Its a great area to catch yellowtail tuna, mackerel and barracuda. Its also a good place to catch bottom dwellers like rockfish and the islands are home to sheepshead, salmon, white Sea bass and halibut but we didn’t catch any.

California Channel Islands pro tip bro seagulls travel fishing

I caught a few barracuda and some rockfish. Then a type of fish that doesn’t taste good at all. I forgot the name but we took it home and cooked it up and it tasted like aluminum foil. My friend though caught a tuna pictured below. Also important to note, I don’t condone smoking.

Channel Islands pro tip bro seagulls travel fishing

After we were out there all day and some of us had pretty good sunburns, the headed back to Oxnard. We had tons of fish to cook and everyone was happy. I was able to catch this picture of the way back.big island Channel Islands pro tip bro seagulls travel fishing

The captains sidekick cut up all the fish on the way back and we were flanked by seagulls in all directions. That was definitely an exiting part of the day. We found out later though that the captains sidekick over-charged us for a bunch of the fish we caught. So always look out for tom foolery when you’re dealing with people work with tourists.

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