Where To Take Your Girlfriend For Valentines Day

I had a successful valentines day last year that ended up being one of the best days of the year and did great things for our relationship.

I took my girlfriend on an outdoor adventure all day in Snoqualmie a mountain pass near where I live. Of course there was dinner afterwards and a memorable sunset. It didn’t break my bank but it was special and a unique time that she remembers. The success stems from a single truth that nature is sexy.

Sunsets are romantic, big waterfalls are exciting and trees are calming. The perfect mixture of stimulating experiences that nature offers… for free too makes adventuring outdoors a great idea.

So this valentines day, with fear of sounding like a commercial, think of taking a day trip to a place in nature. You’ll probably find yourself loving it even if you’re skeptical right now and it will have all types of positive impacts on your relationship.

Have fun this valentines day.


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