How To Photograph Mushrooms

Getting Juicy Mushroom Pics

Many people ask me how to photograph mushrooms. They see my photographs of nature’s  beautiful fungi and wonder how I was able to capture such a succulent image.


  • Get the right lighting. 3/4 sun 1/4 shade is a good rule
  • Warm diffused light looks good
  • Lighting the underbelly of the mushroom makes for a more dynamic picture (maybe bring a mirror)

Positioning and Focus

  • Always make sure the mushroom is in focus
  • Maybe place a big mushroom in the foreground with an out of focus mushroom in the background
  • Putting the biggest mushroom in focus in the middle creates impact


  • A mushroom thats a dark on a tree thats a dark color will look muddy unless advanced techniques are used
  • Bright colored mushrooms are more fun
  • Looking for moss or lichen like in the example above makes for a more dynamic and visually captivating piece

Pro Tip: Be careful not to disturb the forest and its beautiful eco system while taking your photo

Now you can go forth and take your own pictures of mushrooms! Have Fun.


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